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Opera News March 19, 1994 "Kathleen Cassello acted and sang the title role with finesse and abandon." (Violetta in La Traviata)

Opera News February 17, 1996 "At the December 1 performance, American soprano Kathleen Cassello sang Violetta. She betrayed some nervousness in her Act I fireworks (surprising for a singer with the Queen of the Night and Lucia in her repertory), but from then on her interpretation improved, culminating in a beautifully sung "Addio del passato" and a touching death scene." (Violetta in La Traviata)

(Personal comment from opera-fan Michael Rabice) June 7, 1996 "The highlight of [my] trip was Sonnambula in Rome. The new singer "find" for me was Kathleen Cassello. She is an American who has made a career mostly in Europe. She blew me away -- in the beauty of her piano singing (and what I call her Mad scene) in the last act. The most impressive part of her voice was her high notes -- this woman lives to sing notes about high C -- and she threw them around at every chance she got -- which for me resulted in an extremely exciting evening. They opened up a cut in the Act I finale that I never even knew existed. I imagine it's usually not done because it requires some very difficult singing for Amina, with multiple repeated high C's. Well, she sang this music effortlessly. In addition, she was a beautiful actress who was the focus of every scene." (Amina in La Sonnambula)

(Personal comment from Alex S.) March 10, 1999 "Casello, also making her debut in the house, showed that dramatic intensity could still be achieved with a natural and more spontaneous approach to both acting and singing. Her Violetta was superbly paced, from a brilliant first act to the dramatic finale. Her voice of great natural beauty was matched by the sincerity of her acting, having no problems interpolating another high E flat at the end of the party scene in the second act." (Violetta in La Traviata)

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