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"Lawrence's radiant soprano is equal to Pavarotti's legendary voice." (Tagesspeigel, Cologne)

December 11, 1993 "With her large soprano, Cynthia Lawrence gave MicaŽla as much credibility as possible." (MicaŽla in Carmen)

February 18, 1995 "Cynthia Lawrence's glinting soprano and charming presence breathed life into Olga." (Olga in Fedora)

March 18, 1995 "Cynthia Lawrence and Bonaventura Bottone came close to upstaging everyone in their hilarious cameos as the Italian singers." (The Italian soprano in Capriccio)

October 5, 1998 "Cynthia Lawrence inhabited the opera's pivotal role with great dramatic conviction and a rich, steady soprano that soared." (Lavinia in Mourning Becomes Electra)

October 8, 1998 "The father-obsessed, mother-hating Lavinia is the pivotal role, and Lawrence fully plumbs her role's complexity. Even when she is silent and stony-faced, her inner agony is palpable." (Lavinia in Mourning Becomes Electra)

May 4, 1999 "It is clear that Lawrence has emerged as one of the finest contemporary dramatic soprano voices and actresses around. She demonstrated a wide range of vocal ability, but especially in low register chest tones. ... This was Lawrence's debut as Lady Macbeth. It is a Lady definitely worth watching and hearing, and one hopes she will take it abroad. One is not surprised that Lawrence has become a fine stage actress, especially after viewing her superb Lavinia in LOC's Mourning Becomes Electra last fall. Last evening she put both the acting and the singing together most efficaciously." (Lady Macbeth in Macbeth)

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