About Me!

**Update: March 2015: Well hi everyone.. As you can see below, I last updated this site when I was 18; I'm now 32! Unfortunately I got distracted by school and life.. But with the passing of my absolute favourite singer—Elena Obraztsova—I saw someone post a link to my site, and realised with some surprise that folks might still be visiting it! AND it probably looks odd for people to read biographies about some amazing singers as though they’re still with us, when in fact they’ve passed away. Rather than going through and editing the whole site, I’m leaving it frozen in time as an archive. I know there are links to sites that no longer exist (and this will only get worse!), but it is what it is, and let’s be thankful that at least mine’s still around, yes? I set up the site when I was 14 years old, and it was such an amazing experience. (And don’t worry, I’m still a fan! I’m trekking to Wiesbaden this coming May to see Gruberova in Norma). I sincerely apologise to anyone who’s emailed me in the last 15 years… That compuserve email address was shut down LONG ago! If you absolutely need to reach me for some reason, you can track me down via the Opera-L page on Facebook. Byee!


Thanks for visiting my pages. This is just a short little note about who I am. My name is Craig Ross and I'm 18 years old and live in Winnipeg, Canada. I started this page in early-1997 to promote the Three Sopranos, but soon after I discovered the works of other great sopranos and Soprano Central was born. Many thanks goes out to FreeServers and especially to the many people who have donated pictures and information.

There are some pictures of me At a 3 Sopranos concert in 1997 and At the Met in 2000

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